Psicología y Derechos Humanos/ Psychology and Human Rights (PSYDEH)Mexico

Through Zoomie volunteerism, in-kind Zoom licenses and grant funding, Zoom Cares partnered with Mexican Psicología y Derechos Humanos (Psychology and Human Rights, or PSYDEH) [see=day] to help the organization stay connected during the pandemic. Read more about PSYDEH and its partnership with Zoom Cares below.


PSYDEH strives to be Mexico’s leading grassroots civil society organization that confronts inequality by strengthening Indigenous women and their communities at the convergence of human rights and human development. PSYDEH’s popular education-oriented work centers around equity, rights, process, and relationships to empower women to lead sustainable development in their communities. 2022 programming to increase smart use of technology and build economic solidarity includes When The Sun Rises, Sierra Madre Network, and Tech For All.  

PSYDEH & Zoom Cares

PSYDEH empowers women-oriented, sustainable community-led development by strengthening people and responsible governance, improving human security, and building individual and communal resilience. With the support of grant funding from Zoom Cares and volunteer time from Zoom employees, PSYDEH is better able to navigate numerous challenges during the ongoing pandemic and support communities where we work to stay connected. Specifically, Zoomies created a cloud-based digital literacy training platform with video tutorials instructing women partners on how to use a new website and social media to spread awareness of their work.

How PSYDEH Delivers Impact

For PSYDEH, social impact means creating positive and sustainable micro- and-macro-level change around three pressing social challenges in rural Mexico: gender discrimination, low education levels, and social and economic inequality.  

To-date, PSYDEH’s scalable model has produced: 

  • 25 women-led collectives focused on solving regional and local economic and social problems. 
  • 50 local projects valued at more than US$180,000, led by and/or benefiting women and communities.
  • Five rural digital work hubs at which women partners receive training and access to satellite wifi and in time solar energy. 
  • Five women-led conferences uniting 1,000+ community members across cultural barriers to celebrate new initiatives empowering women to lead in civic life and fight political violence.
  • One women’s agenda that organizes collective understanding of regional and local problems into seven thematic chapters reflecting 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda goals.
  • 600+ inquiries made by women partners to federal, state, and local government officials requesting information on how public resources are used. 
  • 2,000+ women educated in workshops to strengthen self-awareness, leadership skills, human rights knowledge, and community organizing.

“The Zoom employees who attended the design workshop were amazing. We left the workshop really feeling like we had found a new set of partners.”

— PSYDEH Staff Member


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