Zoom Cares envisions a more just society for people and the planet we all share.

Change is happening

We’re amplifying social impact with the power of Zoom

The toughest challenges — from climate change to prenatal care —
require the strongest connections. Wherever nonprofits work, Zoom
helps them bring people together to advance change.

Collection of Diverse People Using Zoom to Create a Better Future

Amplifying impact with care.

Our partners drive actionable solutions to the most pressing challenges. We are committed to leveraging our power and resources to fuel their impact. 

Learn more about these organizations in our annual social impact report.

2022 Impact Report

Our Impact Partners

A more equitable future is possible when we work together and support the communities around us. Zoom partners with grassroots organizations who know what their communities need most.

“We are not just the future, we are the present.”

– Oakland High School student, Ixchel Arista, Member of OKF’s Youth Organizing Council

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Oakland Kids First

“We empower Indigenous Australian youth to protect the environment.”

– Teila Watson, Community Organizer and Schools Program Manager

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Seed Mob

“Light Ring builds communities for young adults to help one another.”

– Ayaka Ishii, Founder & Representative Director of Light Ring

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Light Ring

“We enable life-changing support to women and girls.”

– Rebecca Gil, Rosa Executive Director

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Rosa Rise Fund