We leverage the full strength of our business to foster equity, democratize opportunity, and advance systemic justice for people and the planet.


What Motivates Us

Zoom’s mission: Make video communications frictionless and secure

Zoom’s values: Care for Community, Customers, Company, Teammates, Ourselves

Our social impact approach is deeply tied to our history of determination, resilience, and exceeding expectations. Zoom’s founder and CEO, Eric Yuan, spent two years trying to secure a U.S. work visa and was rejected eight times. After his ninth application was approved, Eric moved to California, where his idea for a frictionless video environment was first met with apprehension. Yet, he persisted and created what is now Zoom.

Eric’s story inspires us to support grassroots leaders who understand firsthand what their communities need to thrive, yet have historically been excluded from accessing resources.

Issues We Prioritize

Marginalized communities rarely experience one singular barrier to success. This is why we focus on addressing interconnected challenges that are often experienced simultaneously by low-income, immigrant, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous communities, as well as communities of color.

We emphasize uplifting students and young people who deserve a more just and sustainable future.

Values that guide us



We aim to center and share decision-making power with those closest to the challenges – and solutions – in their local communities.



We strive to distribute resources to underrepresented, marginalized, and overlooked groups leading critical efforts.



We hold ourselves accountable to leverage our assets, talents, tools, and voices to positively impact communities globally.



Our company value of care guides our daily efforts. We seek to demonstrate authentic and genuine care for our partners through transparent communication and substantive actions.